Saturday, May 29, 2010

Water aerobics, happy mail and shopping!

I am so excited! I ordered a brand new wardrobe online (including a new swimsuit!), and everything came a couple days ago! I love happy mail!
Today I went shopping to complete my new clothes with underclothing that I have desperately needed, and lucky me, I found it all in one place. Thanks goodness for great sales and having the money to buy what you want.
I also got my cell phone upgraded. I broke down and got on of those fancy phones with a keyboard, and I also got a bluetooth to go with it. Now I can catch up with Kaity in the technological world of text messaging, lol!
It's been a busy and productive day, and I feel great!

The beginning!

I made a decision to take over and restart my life! I am going to get lap band surgery done, hopefully in January of 2011. I began my journey in March when I went to a seminar...then went to my first consultation, and now I am on my way!
Since then, I have been on a diet and have started exercizing, and I have already lost 14 lbs! I am doing water aerobics 3 times a week, walking laps in the pool when there isn't class, and doing some things here at home. I was always told that exercize would make me feel good, but I never believed it!
After 4 years of sitting around doing nothing, I am getting out every day, feel energetic and best of all; I am feeling so much more positive about myself!
This is a journey to a new and better ME. Get ready Life, here I come!